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Welcome to the Beautiful Latvia Project

The Beautiful Latvia Project has been established to facilitate the renewal of Latvia to its original beauty and glory.

After a long history of foreign ownership and occupation Latvia, like a butterfly, has now emerged as an independent country. What we discover here are beautiful; long, wild beaches, lush green forests, farms, villages, towns and one exquisite large city, Riga. Latvian architecture has been influenced by; ancient Baltic area builders, Hanseatic League merchants, Art Nouveau and Russian architects as well as Soviet influence. Riga has the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in all of Europe. Riga's Old Town, although damaged extensively during the Second Word War, is still filled with an amazing accumulation of medieval buildings dating back as old as 800 years.

After so many years of neglect many of Latvia's buildings require extensive restoration to return them to their original beauty. These include the unique little wooden houses found throughout the country to the majestic Art Nouveau buildings of Riga.

One of the results of all this neglect is that graffiti has covered buildings, walls and other structures throughout Latvia. Our first project is to work together to clean this graffiti from Latvia's structures and to create specific places for Street Art to flourish.

The Beautiful Latvia Project is a private initiative comprised of individuals, companies and even municipal entities that are all working together to make Latvia as beautiful as it was meant to be. If you would like to join our group or support it in some way please feel free to contact us.

The Beautiful Latvia Project website is a central location for each region to present their own Beautiful Project and to promote their towns and regions. See some of our Beautiful Latvia below.

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Latvia castle in spring Cesis Latvi castle wall in spring Cesis Orthodox church spring Riga Orthodox Cathedral Child at Janis summer festival Summer Jurmala beach Jurmala beach winter Latvia barn Blonde parade Latvia picnic Latvia seaside1 Jurmala beach summer Latvia spring flowers Mushroom Riga art nouveau Riga art nouveau Riga old town Riga winter1 Riga Old Town
Latvia castle in spring1 Cesis Latvi castle wall in spring2 Cesis Orthodox church spring3 Riga Orthodox Cathedral4 Child at Janis summer festival5 Summer Jurmala beach6 Jurmala beach winter7 Latvia barn8 Blonde parade9 Latvia picnic10 Latvia seaside111 Jurmala beach summer12 Latvia spring flowers13 Mushroom14 Riga art nouveau15 Riga art nouveau16 Riga old town17 Riga winter118 Riga Old Town19
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